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Becoming the target of a criminal happens easily. In fact, 10 people become a victim every second of every day.

We make protection easy, too.

Now, you can get a well trained, background checked officer to come help protect you BEFORE you become a victim.


Confidence for Uncertain Times


SECUR is a mobile app transforming private security to help protect families and businesses with in-person security officers, on-demand.

As a SECUR Member, you can request personal security as easily as you order a ride. One click on your smartphone, and protection is on the way to you.

Crime Is exploding 

  • What is your plan to protect your family?

  • Criminals feel more empowered than ever.

  • Police are overwhelmed. 

  • If your plan is to hope you don't experience crime, you need a better plan.

  • If you don't prepare for the unexpected, you increase your odds of becoming a victim.

  • Politicians and celebrities have private, armed security protecting them…. shouldn’t you?

  • Get SECUR.  Access to your own network of private officers. Be SECUR

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