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A single mom with small children, Jamie was terrified when she noticed a peeping tom on her back porch one evening. The man continued to show up, peeping in windows dozens of times for over a year. With repeated calls to 911, police seldom responded, or arrived hours after the man had left the property. One afternoon, the man showed up and was attempting to kick the door in. While talking to the 911 dispatcher, Jamie was frantic and begging for help. The dispatcher could hear the man yelling and kicking the door.  Fortunately, the man finally gave up and left, but the police were not able to prioritize the call and never came that day. Jamie felt alone and vulnerable and just wanted someone to come help and deter the criminal. She said "in that situation, I would have paid anything for help."

Police forces all over the country now lack the resources to respond to most threats, focusing their efforts on crime after it happens. Unfortunately, this is resulting in spikes in crime with too many stories like Jamie's; many with tragic endings. 


While conducting a national survey, we heard countless stories of people who have felt helpless when police couldn't respond in times of trouble. From sleepless nights, holding a gun they were not sure they wanted to use, to stories of contentious child exchanges, out of control jealous exes, realtors who were afraid at showings and open houses, teenage children stranded on the roadside in unfamiliar areas, and many more.

These stories highlighted the need for a private security option that is available to more than just the wealthy and elite. A solution that uses technology to allow faster and smarter responses to calls for help. A customer-focused approach that includes highly trained officers, background-checked through FBI fingerprinting, ready to respond to help fill in the gaps where police are spread too thin. A provider who will sit with you when you are afraid, check on your property for you if you're not home, escort you in unfamiliar situations, provide security at your private event, protect your children when you aren't able to and so much more.  


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