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Family Viewing House




Personal Security


WHEN, not IF you need added protection.

House For Sale Sign
The New House

Realtors showing properties to new clients

Safe open houses

Don’t take your chances with strangers, get SECUR.

Showing an Apartment

If you have a concern of possible nefarious activity when showing a property or holding an open house, you may think 911 is a good option, but why wait for a dangerous situation to arise?

SECUR can help protect you before you are a victim of crime. Have a personal guard present, focused on your safety while you increase your real estate sales…worry free!

House Viewing

Save yourself from the trauma of experiencing a crime.

Feel safe.



House Tour

“I am a female realtor and I make it my policy to never show new clients properties on my own. I wait and coordinate with another realtor to feel safe. Having SECUR will be much more convenient, and it will allow me to focus more on my client and less on my safety! Plus, the price is so affordable that I will use it often!”


-Tracy T.

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