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Couple on Date




Personal Protection


WHEN, not IF you need added protection.

Couple Visiting London

First time meetings with on-line connections

Buying/selling items in person

Don’t take your chances with strangers, get SECUR.

Romantic Couple

If you have a concern of possible nefarious activity when meeting an on-line connection, you may think 911 is a great option, but why wait for a dangerous situation to arise?

SECUR can help protect you before you are a victim of crime. Have a personal guard discreetly present, focused on your safety.

Garage Sale

Save yourself from the trauma of experiencing a crime.

Feel safe.



Antique Shop

“I am a US veteran, trained to defend myself and others; however, when I sold my motorcycle to a stranger, I turned to sign paperwork and he attacked me with a wrench, so violently that I was knocked unconscious. Needless to say, he stole the motorcycle and fled. Don’t be as trusting as I was, get SECUR”


-Owen L.

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