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SECUR is being called "the most important app you will ever download" and now there is an exclusive offer for a limited number of subscribers.


SECUR is the first and only on-demand option for personal security, providing private security officers at the touch of a button, as easily as ordering an Uber. Public police are facing overwhelming surges in crime and lack adequate resources to keep up, resulting in criminals who feel more emboldened. With reduced resources, police must prioritize more serious and active crimes, making it difficult to respond timely to non-urgent calls. We believe people deserve an added level of security to help prevent crime; to help alleviate the mental and physical stress of becoming a victim. What is more important than personal safety for you and your family?


SECUR is an exclusive, membership-based platform set to launch in Q3 of 2021. Members will have access to a private network of armed officers ready to provide protection in vulnerable situations. Offering a safer ride-share option, helping protect members when facing threats and creating a crime notification system are just a few important features with SECUR.  Launching first in the United States, with targeted plans to expand around the globe, members will gain a world-wide network of vetted, experienced, trained officers, available at the touch of a button. Providing safety when members need it, helping deter crime, and filling in the gaps where police are spread too thin.


To ensure the highest level of service, there is room for less than 2% of the US population on the platform. Due to unprecedented demand for access to SECUR, even before officially launching the app, we are offering a limited "early membership opportunity" to the first 1,000,000 subscribers in the US. The SECUR platform has already been built, so offering early access to membership allows us to match supply and demand, in order to provide effective private security. In exchange for your early support, founding members will receive a LIFETIME membership for a one-time fee of $299. Once the founder's memberships are filled, the remaining memberships will be a recurring annual fee; therefore, locking in a lifetime membership for $299 is a tremendous opportunity.


Due to logistical constraints, SECUR will not be available to the masses. There are a limited number of spots available, and access to our private security network will be limited to subscribing members only. To ensure quality, integrity, and optimal success, membership sign-up will require a referral from an existing member. We are honored by the interest and growth we are experiencing from those who want to be included in one of the most pivotal platforms of our time.


Our lives are quickly changing and becoming less safe each day. What will you do when you need protection and the police cannot assist? Who will protect your family from the threats facing us today? If you could provide your family with an on-demand, private security team at an affordable price, wouldn't you?

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