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Do you have experience in the law enforcement industry?


Do you have a business mind and an entrepreneurial spirit?


We are offering an incredible opportunity to own a Private Security Firm with a guaranteed contract providing tremendous income in the fastest growing market in the world.



Private Security is expected to be a $270 Billion global market by 2025.  The majority of Private Security Services offered are strictly in the business sector, providing protection for buildings, apartment complexes, retail stores and large companies.  Technology, infrastructure and financial resources make it difficult for regional Private Security Companies to compete and grow.  More than 50% of the current $200+ Billion market belongs to fewer than 10 of the world’s largest Private Security companies. We are about to change all that and transform private security the way Uber™️ transformed the taxi industry.



  • Crime rates continue to explode. 

  • Public Police budgets continue to be cut.

  • Police response times are worsening by the day. 

  • Legislation continues to favor criminals above law-abiding citizens encouraging more and more crime. 

  • People and small businesses feel uneasy and helpless. 


What options are there now?  Most citizens and small businesses cannot afford private security. Committing to hiring a part-time or full-time security guard is simply out of reach unless you are a celebrity or in the upper 1% of earners. With technology, we are going to change this in the blink of an eye.


There exists a massive opportunity to provide security to those who need it most, individuals and small businesses who simply cannot afford security in today’s structure.


Imagine if 10 years ago you were told that hitchhiking would become the largest form of public transportation in the world; that people would willingly and happily request rides from complete strangers and jump in their cars to go places?  Obviously, it happened, and the reason is simple: technology, convenience and affordability.


The Private Security Industry is no different.  While the 10 largest companies continue to focused their resources and technology on large commercial business and contracts, smaller private security companies have an opportunity to meet a much larger need: protecting private citizens and small businesses who are desperate to feel secure in a changing world.



How can you benefit from the safety needs of private citizens and small businesses? By partnering with SAF.


SAF is an independent private security firm that has the exclusive contract with SECUR.  SECUR is the world’s first and only security-focused technology company to develop a smartphone application platform to provide on-demand security to individuals, families and small businesses.


Starting your own SAF franchise comes with a guaranteed contract with SECUR, as well as the training and ongoing support from a team with over 30 years of experience in the private security space.   




SAF comes with all the infrastructure to own, manage, and succeed in the private security space.  And SAF has the exclusive contract with SECUR and their proprietary software that allows users to request protection at the touch of a button, on-demand[1] .  Far too often, Police are not able to respond timely to calls for help, leaving citizens and small businesses with no option but to suffer whatever may happen.  Not anymore.  The SECUR platform will allow a user to request help, see that a SAF private security officer is on the way, communicate with them while iin route, and get the help they want, need, and deserve.


SECUR and SAF are in partnership to rapidly change the industry to improve safety and security for so many.  You have the opportunity to own a SAF Franchise and be a part of something transformative, helpful and rewarding.

given previous comment adding "on-demand," removed here since was a bit redundant with saying "at the touch of a button"

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