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Welcome to SECUR; the most transformative private security offering in history.

The demand for SECUR has been overwhelming and speaks to the validity of what we are building. Because there is a limit to how many members we can effectively serve on the platform, people have been requesting an opportunity to guarantee access to SECUR, even before we have launched on-demand service in their city.  We have been listening and are therefore offering LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP for a limited number of members. 


This membership will be a one-time payment that not only secures you a membership with access to all features, current and future, LIFETIME Members will also have the ability to preschedule protection services, almost anywhere in the world, even before on-demand service is available everywhere. Founding Members will allow us to double our efforts to staff up officers where you want them most.


Once LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP slots sell out, there will be a limited number of Annual memberships remaining at $120 per year.  The annual membership fee will be subject to change, so locking in your lifetime membership is a huge savings to you. 


  • SECUR is not another Big Tech creation, it is being developed by people like you, for YOU.

  • SECUR was built to offer unparalleled service in a world that is desperate for solutions to safety. 

  • SECUR will forever change how we live and strengthen our communities in the process.

  • SECUR is not a replacement for 911 but is designed to add another layer of protection to help police prevent crime and provide protection before a crime is committed.

  • Enjoy private security for your family in the most vulnerable moments at the touch of a button on your smartphone.

  • Receive instant notification of security alerts as they occur around you, allowing you to be aware of danger and able to request protection if needed*.

  • Rideshare confidently with an officer as conveniently and affordable as Uber.**

  • Enjoy Lifetime access to all the features of private security, on-demand, globally for a one-time fee of $299 per user.

  • Policing and private protection options are changing. You may not need this app now, but you don't want to wait until the slots are full and SECUR is no longer an option for you.


*Future Feature in Development

**Where available

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