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It is not a matter of "if" but "when" you will be a victim of crime. Protect your loved ones before a crime is committed.

You are going to want this App!



SECUR has been built to provide protection on-demand in a world where crime is devastating too many lives.  Imagine being able to click a button and have a real officer come protect you or your children and prevent a crime from happening.  Right now, you have a rare opportunity to lock in one of a limited number of Lifetime Memberships and join a community of people who want to help make the world a safer place.  We have to prevent crime BEFORE it happens.


There is a reason people are loving this app, but we are running out of space.  Don't go another day without the most important app you may ever have; it could help save your life. 


The world is changing, and criminals are taking advantage. 


Most often, police are not able to respond until after a crime has already occurred. It seems illogical to wait until after crime happens to respond. We need to prevent crime before it happens and that is exactly what we are working to do.

Celebrities, politicians, and the elite don't leave their safety in the hands of hoping for the best; they hire private security to help protect and prevent crime. Now, you can too, at the push of a button, for a fraction of the price.

With over 50 years of combined law enforcement experience, we realized that many people have no alternative to a struggling 911 option when help is needed. 

Until now. 

SECUR is transforming private security to help protect its members with in-person private security officers, on-demand at the touch of a button on your smartphone.  Creating real change that can improve and save lives is an effort that requires the support of those who value safety, law and order.  


If you value safety and are tired of living in fear, you can make a change today. Currently, SECUR members can schedule protection almost anywhere in the world. And as we expand, our on-demand service will continue to grow too.  


Help support a company working to make a difference and lock in your membership for the rest of your life with a Lifetime Founders Club Membership!

Crime statistics do not favor those who have no plan. 


Become a member, have a plan and be a part of the most significant offering in private security in our lifetime to help protect you and your family safe with in-person officers, on-demand.

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