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College Students




Personal Security


WHEN, not IF your college student needs added protection.

College Dorm
Students During Break

Protection when away at college

Late night travel back to the apartment

Out on the town

Too much alcohol consumption

Don’t take your chances with strangers, get SECUR.

College Student

If you have a concern for your college student’s safety while away from home, you are not alone! This is one of the first reasons SECUR was created…we have college students of our own!

Your child can enjoy college life and be protected by an officer whose sole focus is keeping them safe.

SECUR can help protect students before they become a victim of crime. Click the app to request a guard, don't chance it.

Young Student in Library

Save your child from the trauma of experiencing a crime.

Feel safe.



Student Looking at Building

“My friends and I like to go out and, honestly, we feel safe alone but my dad reminds me that we are prime targets and he insists we use SECUR.

We actually like having a SECUR officer with us because it makes us look important and we feel protected.”


-Hallie H.

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